Do not make these web hosting errors incorrect

Do not make these web hosting errors incorrect

Many people, especially newcomers, when registering domain names are convinced to sign up for a host account with the company that registered their domain name. It may be, or a number of other domain nameregistered companies. Its really unfortunate, because the hosting services that these people usually do not usually meet the needs of an online entrepreneur. The host accounts lack only the function you really need to promote your business.

This is what happens domain nameregistered companies will make you an offer of a lowplan plan. Because customers who register domain names are usually beginners, they are not aware of all host choices that are available elsewhere. They think that just because the company they handle can register domain names, they must have the best value as well.

To make a long story card, people who buy in host offered when registering their domains are usually disappointed when they begin with their new online business. Even if they got what seemed like a low price, they will discover later when comparing it with other offers, that it really is not that good.

But thats just part of the problem. As they are becoming more and more involved in running their new online store, they discover that there may be some special software that they want to run on their website. Perhaps its a shopping cart or maybe a content management system. When they look at the requirements of the software and compare the requirements set to their host account, they see that their host account does not support the new software. You see that most marketing software will use PHP or MySQL databases. If your web hosting account does not support PHP and mySQL, youre just bad luck.

Of course, these customers can go back to their hosting company, which will explain to them that the features required to support the new software are available to them, but they must upgrade their hosting account. And the upgrade is not available, by the way. Their original host may have cost only 7.95 per month, but the new upgraded web hosting costs them 25 or 30 per month. Now suddenly, the big hosting agreement does not seem that anymore.

Do not waste time and money with bargain web hosting that does not do the job.

Another mistake is trying to drive your business with free hosting. First and foremost, if you are looking for free web hosting because you are not willing to spend some money on your own web hosting account, you can also give up right now. If you want to do everything for free, youre not looking for a real business looking for a hobby.

Usually, when you go with free hosting, your URL will be something like 18987 parkavenue1793 If your only interest is to have a place on the web to show your family photos, maybe its Free hosting right for you. But if you try to run a business, free hosting can be a major disability. For one thing, the URL does not look very professional.

And the free web hosting companies tend to show their own advertising banners on the pages of your site. How are your potential customers? Imagine that if you try to run a family oriented company and when prospects visit your site, banners are announcing Adult Rooms on your pages.

Types of Web Hosting First, there are two different types of web hosting. One is Microsoft Windowsbased and the other is Linux Unixbased. My personal recommendation is to stay away from Windowsbased hosting. I have had friends who joined Windows hosting, and later I discovered that much of the software they wanted to run was not compatible with the Windows server. Most of all webbased applications used for marketing are designed to run on Linux servers, so I would not recommend anything other than Linuxbased hosting.

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